Environmental Policy

At Office Care Services Limited, we recognise our duty of care for the protection of the environment and will seek to continuously improve our environmental performance through the following measures:

  • To reduce the environmental effect of our activities to a minimum, by the prevention of pollution, noise, reduction of waste and efficient use of resources.
  • To determine our contribution to, and develop measures to reduce our Carbon footprint in accordance with current government guidelines.
  • To continually develop a sense of environmental responsibility amongst our employees and contractors.
  • Ensuring that any trade waste created through our activities is stored and disposed of correctly.
  • Promoting the effective and appropriate use of our OCS incident and complaint processes.
  • To fully communicate any potential environmental concerns identified at clients’ sites through the normal course of our duties with our respective clients.
  • Should any form of contamination occur, this shall be communicated to the appropriate authorities with suitable containment or recovery strategies agreed.

Office Care Services Limited shall endeavour to manage its environmental responsibilities within its normal business processes by:
  • Fulfilling its duty of care to protect the environment by compliance with relevant legislation.
  • Having an awareness of the environmental impact on work to be undertaken.
  • Defining organisational responsibilities for protection of the environment. Planning to reduce the environmental impact of our activities.
    determining appropriate environmental controls at management level
  • Providing environmental awareness training to employees and sub contractors Monitoring, auditing and regularly reviewing our environmental performance.

Andy Harris, Managing Director

Office Care Services offer the following assurances to our customers:

Bespoke Service – Our services are tailored to your operational hours. Our contracts include out of hours, daily, nightly, weekly and ad-hoc packages.

Quality – We continually monitor and review our service and performance. We are fully accredited by the leading trade association and quality assurance bodies.

National Offices – With offices all over the UK and Ireland we are ideally situated to meet your requirements, whether they are national or singlesite cleaning contracts.

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Office Care Services are the UK’s leading provider of cleaning services. We offer comprehensive cleaning services suited to a variety of sectors including:

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