At Office Care Services Limited, we recognise our duty of care for the protection of the environment and will seek ways to reduce our Carbon Footprint in accordance with Government best practice requirements.

Primary Footprint: this is a measure of our direct emissions from the burning of fuels (domestic energy), and transportation fuels such as petrol and diesel usage etc.

OCS rules for the reduction of primary footprint elements include:

  • The turning off of electrical items off when not needed (Lights, computers and photocopiers on stand-by etc).
  • To turn down central heating and hot water thermostats (even I degrees or 2 degrees C can make significant reductions to Carbon Footprints – if hot water will scold you, it’s too hot!
  • We shall fill kettles with only required amounts of water.
  • We will avoid multiple trips for office and business purchases — additional trips add to our Carbon Footprint.
  • We shall maximise the efficiency of our fuel usage by promoting the use of low energy lighting, appropriate insulation, select fuel efficient vehicles (blue motion etc.) for our replacement Company vehicles.

Secondary footprint: this is a measure of our contribution to indirect C02 emissions from the materials we buy, where we buy them from and their life cycle.

  • We will actively source local / home produced materials wherever practical.
  • Electrical equipment used in our cleaning operations are ‘brand leaders’, such as Henry@ Dyson@ and Victor@ etc., thereby minimising the risk of premature breakdown and replacement.
  • We shall sequence the replenishment of cleaning consumables in accordance with pre-determined usage patterns thereby eliminating the need for additional delivery trips.

The Directors of OCS are committed to finding ways of reducing our Carbon footprint and appropriate empiricism shall be applied to the points listed above in achieving this aim.

Andy Harris, Managing Director

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Quality – We continually monitor and review our service and performance. We are fully accredited by the leading trade association and quality assurance bodies.

National Offices – With offices all over the UK and Ireland we are ideally situated to meet your requirements, whether they are national or singlesite cleaning contracts.

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